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Hintock-GWR/SR JOINT-in black & white

john flann

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For those previously unaware of Hintock (but see my RMthread and website)

it is a small market town in Dorset south and west of Dorchester that is served by a Joint GWR/SR branch line. The period is the middle 1930's.


So why start a fresh Hintock thread?


Principally it enables me to show off Hintock in a different light and threads can, in my view, become too long.


So how did this come about?


Simple really; I have a whole stock of images, many already seen but others not and it seems a shame they remain hidden away. That is the fact: Now to the fiction that takes us back to 1937 and Hintock as it was seen through the lens of a local photographer.


He happened to have an interest in railways so naturally many of his subjects were his local railway station and the Branch that served the town. He also happened to be the local clergyman, the Reverend WH Featherstone MA(Oxon) vicar of St Paul's the Parish Church. In this interest he was in the company of his fellows, the Reverends Awdry, Denny and Treacy for instance. And latterly many of his old photos came into my possession.


Now we have Hintock in black and white. Or if you prefer it shades of grey. And as John Dew so aptly remarked that better suits both the subject matter modeled and the period in which it is set. I think you will agree.


I shall still keep my other Hintock thread up to date with current happenings.




Above a 57xx shunts and below a M7 departs for Dorchester: Quintessentially Hintock.



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