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Blog- Jubilee Point - Ed's Big Bruv comes to stay

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A chance purchase from the RMweb classifieds (cheers Damian!) means I am now able to show a comparison between the relative sizes of a class 73 ED in OO and TT scales:



Unfortunately it also shows that the cab castings could have done with a little more work to make them more prototypical, but at the time I was only working from photographs and “close enough” was good enough.



It also shows another comparison between the two scales;


With OO you send off a cheque, get a package in the post, open the box and have a play.



With TT it’s exactly the same,



only the contents of the box require just a teensy bit of “fettling and fine-tuning” before you can have a play. :)




(Thinks: and now I really must stop prevaricating and just get on with installing those blasted point motors!)

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