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Glenthorne Harbour Authority No.16

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There is always an urge to model locomotives that are ascetically pleasing to oneself but there is then the risk of our locomotives having an unwanted 'sameness'. So this freelance NG design (Chittaranjan Locomotive Works) is a fusion of two famous NG shoe boxes: Matheran and VOR. They are two types which I cannot really warm to.





photo Accucraft


I am using my standard 08 Grafar Chassis with Roco valve gear fitted at a 'jaunty angle'.




A carrier frame is built which attaches to the chassis with two screws. The 'pillar' holds a four pin microsocket (from Express Models) which leads power from the wheels to the chip built into the body and return the motor power from the chip, (red, black, orange and grey wires).
The construction of the water tanks can be seen to the left.




The tanks are soldered to the carrier frame and stays soldered to the socket pillar as seen below. The boiler will be well below tank height and the smokebox recessed between the tanks.












All the major elements are now in place and detailing can begin. We hope this engine will be operating on Cliffhanger at the RM Coventry bash.

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So I ordered two Digitrax DZ 125 chips only to be told that DZ 126 has replaced them I bought two and NEITHER work! Shoved in a DZ 125 and it works perfectly. If anyone has had similar problems or a solution, please tell.


This is the wiring complete.



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