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KAYLEIGH BRIDGE new Hayle MRC layout in 'n' gauge


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Hi I thought, I introduce you to the new 'n' gauge layout under construction at Hayle Model Railway Club, called 'Kayleigh Bridge' it has a station, a depot and a goods sidings, the use to be decided as yet. The size of the layout is 16' x 3' approx.




and before the comments start coming I didn't get around to drawing on the curves on the right hand side after erasing them on the computer? :crazy:  


This layout is totally modern image passenger and freight trains, anyone who would like to join us we're always looking for new 'n' gauge modellers in our club also help, don't worry if you think your not that skilled, everyone's learning and I can guarantee you can bring at least one skill to the club.


So come along for a chat and a cuppa, no commitment



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Update to the HAYLE MODEL RAILWAY CLUB's N gauge layout. 


A little bit of info on the layout; it's dimensions are 16ft by 4ft, breaking down into 4 boards. Have been working on this layout since April-ish, and it's been a lot of fun.  Just did our first exhibition at Hayle and now been booked to do Bodmin in September.  Progress at the moment has been very frantic and we did the exhibition at Hayle without the point motors working (big hand in the sky) due to the fact that we were still working on them on Friday afternoon and I made an executive decision to finish off the other bits and pieces for the show.  


The feedback from the show was very good; our aim is to have trains running constantly so whoever walks by will see something happening.  Didn't succeed totally this time as minor hiccups with the fiddle yard.  So now we are looking forward to the Bodmin show in September, hopefully with full fiddle yard capacity and points working and additional scenery etc.  We are looking to exhibit this layout, so if you are interested please get in touch with our exhibition manager, Roger.  Details on our website.



David Duval-Hall


















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a postscript to the postscript,     Nigel who started this topic is on leave this year so i have been doing this layout by myself,  its my first Exhibition and my first club, have been modelling since 1973 mostly with N guage  after a long career in the Merchant Navy i retired and modelled at home on our 42 ft Catamaran ( that's another story) but 2 years ago i was diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer my life was turned upside down, 5 months ago i was given the all clear and wanted to reboot my life as now i know life is short so this is one off my bucket list, any input or ideas from  anyone would be great, the layout is a long way from being finished, a cement works, road bridge across centre  and much  more  regards David

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