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Having removed a sizable portion of scenery yesterday I was informed this morning that the BBC would be filming something in the club later this week and could I please position some stock on the layout. I've spent my afternoon at the club making both the new loading dock and the platform on the large clay dry presentable.<br /><br />The foamboard we had cut to rough shape was used as a base. All of this will have to be redone properly in the future so I wanted to make disassembly easy. I used double sided tape throughout. First the layers were stacked, then brick sheet was cut to form the two visible sides.<br /><span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss28/doctordalek2/IMG_5430_zps67628727.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span><br />The tops of the platform was then covered in tape to which ballast was applied. I sprinkled dark green ground foam around the edges to hide the joints<br /><span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss28/doctordalek2/IMG_5431_zps1969f902.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span><br />The large platform presented more of a problem. There is lots of blue foam visible and lots of cut outs for ladders.<br /><span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss28/doctordalek2/IMG_5432_zps57fb9720.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span><br />I decided that the cut outs were too much effort for something temporary. If we had had any stone sheet I might have acted differently but brick was all that we had.<br /><span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss28/doctordalek2/IMG_5433_zps01fc1a9f.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span><br />The top edge of the platform does not bear close inspection but overall it is much more presentable and I am please with the result.<br /><span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss28/doctordalek2/IMG_5434_zps7ea2067c.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span><br /><span rel='lightbox'><img class='bbc_img' src='http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss28/doctordalek2/IMG_5435_zpsde76cdd7.jpg' alt='Posted Image' /></span><br />About 90 minutes work.


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