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Leicester Depot

Steve Purves

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Having pretty much completed my APA Box, I have been thinking of my next plan. I fancy a TMD layout but don’t wish to compromise too much on the size so for this venture I am going to think outside of the box (groan)


Looking at Tim Horn's baseboards I have elected for something approx. 4ft 6 x 18in (I may push a little bigger) but would like it to remain a single unit for transport (apart from fiddle yard)


I wish to base the model on a real location, so have chosen Leicester TMD, albeit with a couple of sidings knocked off. I plan to base this model in the same Era as Apa Park, ie late sectorisation/early privatisation.


The main lines at the front will be dud, and just for show. Just the front sidings and TMD will be live.


 Very early stages at the mo, so this one will probably move quite slowly for now but work is going to be bubbling away in the background. I’m thinking either Code 55 or finetrax for this one (code 55 is currently winning for ease of use). Will be DCC operated with sound hopefully…



Leicester TMD by Steve Purves, on Flickr


Your thoughts please?


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