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Whats the best RTR finescale track

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I'm mike aged 16! I'm building my first oo gauge Exhibition layout after a year of wasting to do so! Still need legs for board but I'm after very good RTR finescale track and points which has a good amount of detail on the sleeper chairs (or what ever they are called)

I hope someone can help


Many thanks

Mike :)


Sent from my iPad, sorry for any mistakes :)

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LOL - only a year wasted, Mike!  Try 35 :jester:


SMP or C&L for your plain track.  There aren't any ready-to-lay OO-FS turnouts as such, but you can get Marcway ones built up by them from their components.  They aren't cheap, mind you!


http://www.finescale.org.uk/index.php?route=product/category&path=346_375_380_382 is the link to C&L, if you Google SMP flexitrack I've no doubt that will appear readily enough.



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Start a thread on the layout.


We will offer help and advice as you go on.


First thing is usually a track plan, but we need basics like time period, what you want to do, overall size etc.

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