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Blog- drduncan's workbench - The wagon and carriage shop - V6s, O4s and others

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Here are some snaps from the latest outpourings from the Wagon and carriage workshop (or workbench...).


First are a pair of GWR V6 iron minks. They are Ratio kits, but the very dirty 37508 has grease axleboxes while the reasonably recently out-shopped 69721 has oil 'OK' axleboxes. Both are in the GWR 25" lettering for the period after 1904. Its my intension to build at least another three - 2 in the pre-1904 G. W. R livery, again with oil and grease axles boxes photographic or documentary evidence permitting (I may even do one in red, but very faded, - just to keep up with Gareth). The third will be the vac fitted Iron Mink with 3'7" wheels for passenger/express rated goods. Don't believe me that such a thing existed - look at the HMRS book on Iron Minks (by John Lewis, I think).


Second are a pair of O4 5 plank opens, box with sheet rails, but one has been fitted with 'cast' number plates (from Masokits). These were in use during the late 1890s and early 1900s, until the 25" lettering came in to use in 1904. Both are Coopercraft kits, with ABS DC1 brakegear (once you notice the swan-neck behind the w irons I think its absence is extremely noticeable. Its a shame that so many good plastic kits (not just Coopercraft) are let down by the poor quality of the brakegear.


Then there is this is an O2 7 plank wagon (Coopercraft, with ABS DC 1 brakegear), the only real difference between this and the O10 in the previous post is that the O10 is vac fitted.


Finally, here is a work in progress - an Open C, built from a David Geen kit. However, it has an MJT inside bearing rocking unit - I'll compare its performance on Hope and Empire Mills with the uncompensated Python and let you know.


Some of you may be wondering if the Locomotive shop is on strike as there have been no updates on 2811 or 788. There have been a few bumps in the path to happiness, which I will explain in due course.


Having just previewed the post - and tried to sort out the images - I can only apologies but the computer refuses to put them where I want them.

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