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Error message while accessing RMweb blog

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Evening all,


I was curious whether anyone else has been getting this kind of error message when trying to access any blogs on here recently:



Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/rmwebco/public_html/community/admin/sources/base/core.php on line 4591


I have just run into that very message several times in a row while trying to access my modelling blog.


In case this should have been an unknown problem, I hope I could point Andy and his crew in the right direction in order to take measures.




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Careless coding error - public should never see that sort of thing and a more sensible human apologetic message should be displayed.


Why am I not the least bit surprised.


Usually caused by a non-terminating loop in the code or an issue with the sql sent to a database. The default processing time for a script is 30 seconds. All easy (novice programming) mistake to make.


The blogs have been a no go area for me for a long long time due to the poor coding.

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