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Domino headcodes for Bachmann 47

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Just wondered what the best option for decals is ?

Fox seem to do them but individual spots, rather than whole panel

Railtec do them but have a grey background , so I'm guessing you cut each dot out individually

Model masters come with 0O00 ones as well which don't look accurate to my eyes ( more 0000)

Any thoughts on what to use ?




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Ok, I got some.

Removed the bachy light bars by pushing them out the body, ground them down so they don't protrude, replaced them. Ground down the edges of the marker light housing. Applied stickers.




Not perfect, but we are dealing with the limitations of what is effectively a small sticker.

Subsequent locos I may try the water slide decals, filling the marker holes and filing flat - we will be losing the lights though in that case.

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Sorry Rob, missed your earlier post, and it was a few years since I purchased mine. I sprayed mine with Klear to give them a glossy look more akin to Perspex. Not perfect, but probably  the best available, and the lights shine through too. 

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