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Custom gwr signal box signs..

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Hi, not sure where to post this, does anyone knows where I might find a place to make a custom sized gwr style signal box/station nameboard for my layout, the kind you see at exhibitions etc not a model railway sized one! Trying everywhere to find somewhere but I can only really see the br style ones!

Or would a standard printer be able to print one off if the paper is long enough? Or would it still try to bring another sheet down :S


Any help would be much appreciated :D

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Have you considered a signwriter. I know probably not the cheapest option and probably a bit rare these days.


The other alternative is a printers perhaps. If you provide the artwork they may be able to reproduce it to the size you require.



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GWR style printer fonts are downloadable from here:




However in order to download you need to register with the site then either:


a) Join the download queue which can take up to an hour even at midnight!




b) Take out a month's membership of the site for £3 which then enables instant downloading of as many files from the site as you want (there are some potentially useful sound files on the site as well) for the next month.

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Have you thought about MDF letters stuck to a plywood backing?


This eBay seller has various sizes of letters that are not a bad match to GWR style lettering:





However, they are more suitable for station name running in boards than signal box signs as shown here:




There are other supplies of laser cut wooden letters and some will do them to order to the font of your choice.

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