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Bay Area Prototype Modellers Meet 2014 Eyecandy

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Who announced that?


Marty - Albrae Scale Models ( a division of AccuCraft Model Trains) are developing a HO scale RTR DODX Heavy Duty Flatcar for release in 2015.


The model will have a diecast metal body (like the intermodal spine cars from other manufacturers), plastic 6-wheel buckeye trucks and will have M1 Abrams tanks for loads.





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From my work I know a little about these cars. I also am good friends with a number of Army tankers....
The 40000 series flats are really designed to carry tanks although we (the Navy, that is) have a few that have been specially equipped to carry nuclear loads. 
I know there's a kit coming along for the 41000 series that is similar, but with two 2-axle trucks. The 41000 series can carry one tank, or two bradleys, two howitzers. etc. The only Navy use is that USMC uses them to carry vehicles. (Marines LOVE to be reminded they're a part of the Navy.....)
Folks that want to model a military train will need both types of flat cars as well as the IM 60-fter and a few TTxs.
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