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Searching on the mobile site

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Hello to Andy and the rest of the team,


Firstly thank you all for your hard work. It is very much appreciated.


I have noticed that the search facility is extremely temperamental on the mobile version of the site. I access it using an iPhone 4S with safari. The search results given are totally different to those on the full site, and far less relevant.


An additional complication is that when I switch to the regular site on my phone to search, the search results window frame centres so the left hand 1/3 of it is off screen making it very difficult to see what the thread title is.


Also another minor gripe with the mobile version unrelated to the above is that on the Classified section you can't see an advert's status. You can read the ad, but don't know if it's marked as sold etc.


Thanks very much for your consideration of the above points.


Keep up the good work,



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