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I am regularly asked where I source the large embossed card panels which I use to make the stone walls around my layout.

These have come from the manufacturer Vollmer who have now announced that with immediate effect they have ceased to trade.
In consequence of which I have placed an order for in-stock items with my normal Vollmer supplier and anyone considering likewise is urged to swiftly follow suit.
These items can sometimes be obtained at local retailers but I have found supply very erratic.  They are not stocked by the great majority of those stores I have searched online in other countries.  The products are superb.  These are the only card items which have survived outdoors over time and in some cases the originals are still in use 5 - 7 years after first fitting.
Vollmer also produced a respectable range of European-themed buildings and railway structures plus people and animals.  Many of those kits are already sold out and gone for ever.
My supplier still has stock of some items but no more will be arriving.  Their range can also be found elsewhere though might require a bit of a search.
https://www.eurorailhobbies.com/index.asp  at which site this announcement is posted:



Dear valued customers and friends,

After careful considerations we have decided to stop the production and to give up the plant of Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG in Stuttgart Zuffenhausen by mid-year 2014.

We shall attend the International Toy Fair end of January 2014 in Nuremberg for a last time and will present our novelties which will arrive at outlets during the first half of 2014.

We'd like to thank all of you for your truly valued support and solidarity over the past decades.

Sincerely yours, 
Susanne Vollmer 
Vollmer GmbH & Co. KG



NEWS: Vollmer closing in 2014

Vollmer, one of the most popular makers of plastic structure kits and accessories has officially announced that they will be closing permanently in mid-2014.  This is a huge loss for model railroaders and we can only hope an existing firm will purchase the molds so these unique models will continue to be available.

Vollmer will be at the Toy Fair later this month with some limited new products but plan to be completely shut down by the middle of the year.

While the future of the molds is uncertain, we highly recommend ordering any Vollmer products you need for your layout as soon as possible as there will undoubtedly be a rush to stock up on kits before they sell-out.  We expect to be able to continue to place orders with the factory for the time being but it is likely many kits will no longer be available shortly.

We will be posting updates here as soon as we know more!


We we're advised that production will continue up until end of June and that all backordered items from 2013 will still be produced. This is welcome news. Furthermore, Vollmer will continue to fill dealer orders to the end of 2014 or as long as stock lasts, whichever comes first. 

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