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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - First try at resin casting.

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On my to do list for quite some time has been loads for the wagons, which, with a very large number of bogie opens to sort out really shouldn't have been left until now! There are various loads to be considered, duck boards, A frames, wire, hay, ammo boxes, but I have started with shells. A bit of lateral thinking and a chat with another Dad at school who is a pretty serious shooter resulted in several bags of these;




Then some cling film in the wagon to stop them sticking and a bit of card on the bottom, I glued up a load to go at this end of the F type wagon. Once dry it was into a balsa box




some releasing agent, and then loads of blue rubber




This was all rather late last night and managed to wait until this evening to prise open the mould and ended up with this




Next step was some resin which cured satisfyingly quickly and then I had this




a bit of paint




And here we go in a wagon




Not perfect I know but not bad for a first attempt. I shall have to make some different moulds for different wagons and loads and then lots of casting but pleased with the results so far and is not too hard!

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