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A request for variations on a theme...


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Good evening :-)


Due to a current lack of imagination, or a laptop that will run any kind of design software, I was wondering if anyone would be able to throw some ideas my way for a small shunting plank?

Basically it'll be dcc, oo gauge, using mainly set track but I can get hold of a couple of lengths of flexi


Primary stock is a sentinel 4wDM and a few 4 wheel petrol tanks so looking at a loading/unloading facility, however I have an 08 as well which may make the odd appearance


Dont need a fiddle yard as it'll literally just be for shuffling wagons round of an evening


However, I only have 39" x 14" and my main thought is, are there any variations on the basic inglenook layout possible in that space? Maybe with room for a couple of associated buildings so I can practice with electrics and light them up...


Im looking more at playability than realistic operating and gaining experience with various scenery techniques :-)


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated





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I can't see that a traditional Inglenook would fit in that space (ie the 5:3:3 version)


You could fit a kind of timesaver arrangement assuming you have a load of Hornby points lying about.  




It has two sidings (three tanker length) for two different grades of whatever is in the tanks.  There is also a road for assembling the departing tankers (4 tankers) and receiving the incoming tankers.  Space for buildings at the rear and bunded tanks at the front.


I would be wary of using set track for such an exercise though as your four wheel shunter will probably stall like crazy on the dead frog points.

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Thanks Jon, that looks interesting, I should have enough points in the track box so I'll have a play at the weekend :-)


I've actually got those Hornby reshaped paperclip things on my insulfrog points and both the sentinel and my triang dock shunter seem happy enough traversing them without too much issue :-)

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For one of my previous layouts in 39" x 9" I came up with the following design for Pencraig Yard. (it later appeared in Model Trains International Issue 60)




It used Peco Setrack and was fun to operate.








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