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Making flower boxes and planters

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Small flower boxes or planters by Winterschlaf, on Flickr


Methodology. My old, bent fingers mean that small items are difficult to handle even in 1/45th scale. Here I use double sided tape on the base material - thin ply - and assemble the four sides along a datum line which offers an initial right-angle. Note that the box is made from identical sides and ends - see lower part of picture - cut at the same time through material which is twice the height needed.  'Sloping ends' are also easier for window boxes since there needs to be one flat side to go on the building.


Yes, they are still not very straight but a little filing is easy to do once the glue has dried !  The double-sided tape remains in place when glue is added inside and the base is cut around the four sides. The box is then decorated with flowers, courtesy of the craft skills of she-whom-I-love.

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