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New additions to Heathfield


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Hi I an enclosing a couple of new additions to my layout Heathfield OO

The Colas is a Vi Trains class 37 and the Track Panel train is based on older type

Hornby Container flats the STG waggon has 12 sub min Leds individually wired and

fitted using a small battery and a push on off switch

Enjoy David WEXFORDpost-690-0-47962900-1403798943.jpgpost-690-0-51484000-1403798971.jpgpost-690-0-14420700-1403798990.jpgpost-690-0-76437500-1403799010.jpgpost-690-0-31054700-1403799034.jpgpost-690-0-47398000-1403799100.jpg


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