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Pre-ordering ?

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With this year being a bit slow with models coming out and the manufactures not getting to market the number of models they would like to sell, I did not want to miss not getting one again.

Last year i pre-ordered a Bachmann C class Loco,But i never got one as the shop did not get all the one's they needed, And today i had an Email from Hatton's about my order for a late crest one....and again i missed out!.

I paced my order for it last year and i still did not get one, The other thing was i never got an email from Hatton's even mentioning the c class was due out?.

I went onto live chat and asked could i pay for one, "Sorry where sold out and do not know when a new run will be done!". 

So have the c class late crest been out and gone?, as i can not even find any for sale on the net, only pre-order's being taken for it.

Anyone know if they are in the shops?.



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