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The Blue Streak

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I have been lurking around here for sometime now. I was originally drawn here by the Magnificent Peterborough North Blog by Great Northern. But have found the entire site to be a wealth of useful information.


At 46 I have only recently started in the hobby apart from a dabble as a kid (my Dad was part of it all for as long as I can recall). I am most keen on Pre War Lner in OO. But don't have the room to run them so unfortunately they mostly stay in the display cabinet. Therefore I have recently started to acquire N gauge in Early BR Eastern Region.


Having said that I love all things British and Australian Steam related (I drive Diesels for a living, and see them everyday, therefore have no need to model them - So no offence to the diesel enthusiasts).

I am more of a reader than a poster (plus I'm still learning the ropes), so you probably won't hear a lot from me, but I can assure everybody I will be learning from the pool of knowledge that I find here.



Kind Regards, Ted

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Thankyou very much for the welcome everybody.

I'm happy to report that there was a burst of activity and I've managed to get a fair bit of track down on the n gauge, unfortunately that meant I was able to run some trains which has put a temporary halt on any further serious work.

I wander into the "train " room with all good intentions of continuing further construction, but end up playing instead.


Another thing that I've noticed on the transition to N, is that the QC seems to be a bit hit and miss. I cant remember the last time I bought a dud OO steam engine but 2 out of 3 of my N engines have had niggly issues, I was starting to think that must be the just the case with N gauge. Until my Farish J39 showed up and ran flawlessly. Although it is the only one with tender drive, something I was never a fan of with OO. Funny thing is that if I'd known it was tender drive I probably wouldn't have bought it, but I have a different outlook on it now.


I would be interested to hear of anyone else who has noticed a similar trend, or have I been a bit unlucky. Any recommendations for good East Coast runners in N.


Regards Ted

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