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My name is Simon and you may remember me from such blog entries :mail: as,



Layout progress and Taunton RMweb members day

SECR Ballast van 4mm



The secret Diary of an exhibition exhibitor/ Demonstrator

Well as you may have noticed that its been a very and I mean very long time since I wrote on here (just under 3 years :O ) and a lot has happened in that time. You may remember the last entry listed above well that was about two shows in to a back to back run of 6 weekends on the road attending shows and that did take it out of me and did for a while knock the mojo on the head as I had by christmas had seen enough model trains to last me a life time.


After a while the mojo returned and i was very fortunate to find my self working even more in the hobby and was lucky enough to be able to give up the day job (which cant really be called a day job when its what you enjoy) and change carrere path a bit. Still working on my own stuff and attending events as before so you may have seen me around at a few events with varoiuse things from DCC to gally pot washer in the deep south :good:


That contiuned for a couple of years till the begining of this year where circumstaces changed and my hand was forced a little and decided to start up on my own as a model maker which is where i am today, making an earning out of what i have been doing for the past few years which is anything from DCC work to kit and layout construction and everything inbetween.


So you may be wondering about all the rambelling (if you are still reading by this point and thank you if you are), I will be starting another blog to chart the bits and pieces that are customers and for the buisness and keeping this blog for my self as i don't want to mix them up. I have been thinking long and hard about which part of the the fourm to post under but as I will be doing most things i think a blog is eaiser not only for me, keeping it all in one place but for you the reader as your not having to hunt for updates.


So i would like to thank you the reader for getting this far and hope that you will have a trip over the the company blog in the next few days (once i have put something in thereto read) but for the time being I have a facebook page (i know im not ment to link to out side stuff) Just search for S H Model Making. I would also like to thank those that have know about this for a while and supported me in this venture and the future.

Many thanks again.




P.S Dear Mods, I have talked to Mr York eailier in the year about this and he is aware of what i am doing but if i need to modlfy it please let me know.


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