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Help with kit construction

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I have been a modeller in EM Gauge for over 40 years but now, at 81 years of age, I find myself with Parkinson's Disease and unable to hold things still while constructing or finishing locomotive kits.

Is there anybody out there who would be interested in completing some of these model locos for me to an reasonable standard in return for reasonable payment?

I have a number of kits, white metal, brass or nickel silver, most of which are part built, which I would like finished. All are from constituent pre-grouping companies South of the Thames and would be in pre-group livery.

Some are unstarted, some are part built, some just need painting or lining and finishing. in most cases all parts , lining,transfers, motors, gearboxes, wheels etc are included or can be supplied by me.

If anyone might be interested enough to help or offer advice on how I can get these locos finished, then I could compile a list of each one and what needs to be done to complete it.

Many thanks for reading this



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Hello Gareth

Many thanks for the reply.

There are 21 in all, but any that can be completed would be a bonus for me

There are also quite a few etched brass coaches and wagons that need the

same treatment, but that could be for the future..

Where abouts in London are you located? How do you calculate costs?

Would you mind to enlarge on your interest and do you have a preference for

any particular aspect. Construction, painting, lining etc?

Any pictures of your creation that you could e-mail to me>

My e-mail is tepedekiev@aol.com



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