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Any class of any livery for north west club train in 1992 - 1994

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Not sure I totally understand the question. But the north west club trains were normally class 31 and class 37 the 31s were regional railways livery and BR blue. The 37s were regional railways, mainline livery and large logo.

I did see a class 47 in railfreight red stripe livery as well. 

I'm not a local to the area so someone else will be able to give a more definitive answer. I did go on day trips to Liverpool and Manchester during the period and always got a club train back to Preston or Wigan to catch the Glasgow train from there.

Hope this helps

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I found photo of club train from Flickr


Class 31

144 Dutch

238 Dutch July 92

324 FC July 92

411 grey July 92

444 Dutch January 94

Class 37

053 FD August 92

065 FD July 92

073 FD August 91

238 FD May 91

278 FC June 92

407 M May 93

408 BL June 93

415 M June 92

416 M May 92

417 M

418 FP June 93

425 FA May 93

714 FM August 93 derailed


Class 47

299 FD July 92

357 Dutch June 92

378 FD September 91

555 old intercity July 89

640 parcel Unknown date

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Can't give any more details on the locos, other than agree that I would expect to see 31s and 37s, especially RR liveried ones.  I posted a question a few years back about the ex-NSE coaches which had the red stripe replaced with blue, it is here http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/54116-regional-railways-ex-nse-stock/and some of the links might give you a bit more info.

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