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Blog- I 'ad that - New 3 rail layout construction progress - part two (June / July)

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The layout needs to be finished by October so many hours have gone into getting the layout ready.


By the end of June, scenery has mostly been finished and the front boards powered for the first time.


No prizes for spotting that this isn't a Dublo item, it's Bachmann that I've converted to 3 rail running, as newer stock is more temperamental this makes the EPB a great test model, I know from the other layout that if the EPB runs ok, the rest of the stock will also run!




Looking left to right from the main station, I've modified the Dublo signals to LED bulbs to reduce the current consumption and as this is going to be displayed, these will be illuminated for long periods of time, the old HD bulbs tend to discolour as they get hot so this seemed like a nice modern tweak, also I've installed an automatic shuttle module for the shuttle branch, which also has LED signal control.




Looking from the other end, the single track leads to the back boards and provides a run-round loop. I need to modify the backs of the LED signals to stop the light reflecting out the back, as seen here.




The "Dublo-ised" Marklin turntable has had Dublo girders fitted and I painted it to match the normal HD colours, it works well and indexes perfectly. I built a relay pcb to control it rather than using the original, rather large controller normally associated with these.




Looking from right to left, we've made great progress in 3 months, the wiring is completed and work is progressing on the fiddle yard at the back.




This is our progress up to the beginning of July.

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