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Blog- The GC and Met in OO - GCR 1903 full brake (I)

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When I finished my rake of clerestory suburban stock earlier this year, I had a pair of Hornby clerestories left over. As one of them had been pretty severely hacked up I decided to use this vehicle for an experiment....




The first stage was to infill the windows with milliput and white putty....




.... when this had dried out I sanded it down and primed it.


I then used a dremel to drill out the new windows, and cleaned them up with a file.




Then I used 0.5mm plastic sheet and 0.5mm square plastic rod to model the sliding luggage doors and the beading.




Now I believe these carriages were matchboarded below the waist (at least, I've seen one partial drawing showing that). The drawing in Dow's 'Great Central' however doesn't show this.... more research required I think.


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