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A Sounding Board?

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Gentlemen (and Ladies).


Are there any members who are interested in sound in general and would welcome a new forum area for discussing and sharing idea's etc? Maybe you use analogue control and would like loco sounds or wish to add ambient / environment sounds to your DCC layout, station sounds, traffic or animals etc. Perhaps you would be interested in using surround sound, a dream player or even an mp3 module? The latter could be triggered by differing means including a DCC handset. Now there is an idea!.


        Member Randy Wales is sharing with us his novel use of an iphone app with a bluetooth module mounted in a loco. Now this doesn’t have to be a DCC loco, but could be a DC one also . Or it could be a layout mounted bluetooth unit with loco or layout specific sounds. Maybe supply it from a DCC bus and why not? Dont own an iphone? No problem run it from an old laptop. Or how about a G scale garden layout with bluetooth sounds? My personal area of interest is using 8 :0 surround sound. I believe our very own AndyY utilised mp3 sounds on one of his layouts. Perhaps he could start us of and describe his system to us


   With the technological advances in recent years it is now easier than ever to add sounds to a layout irrespective of scale and control and it does not have to cost a fortune either. So if you are interested in a forum area dedicated to sound in general and not limited to DCC Loco's please support this suggestion via the agree/like at bottom of page. Maybe together we can make Rmweb not only the forerunner but leader in this fast developing aspect of the hobby.




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