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Improving the N gauge Silver Fox Baby Deltic

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Good evening all,


Having found an N gauge class 23 Baby Deltic in the bottom of the "bits and bobs" box a good year ago, I decided to purchase another kit off ebay recently and have a bash at improving these two kits, being aware that the DJM models offering would be close to release.


The kits are pretty accurate already and just need some upgrading.


My plan is to:


Open up the body side windows

Drill out roof fan grill port and add etched grill and fan

Drill out holes and add cab rails to the doors and grab rails to the nose tops

File down moulded headcode discs and add etched replacements

File down buffer beam mouldings and add pipes and screw link coupling

File down moulded nose end steps and add etched replacments

Add etch replacement cab front windows

Add speedo cable to bogie side

Respray into original BR green livery and number D5904


So this is the plan. I have purchased from the Shawplan range an etched roof grill / fan, and a set of replacement cab front window etches, originally intended for a Farish class 37. I hope to purchase either a Farish class 20 or 24 chassis to power it and maybe even link up the head/tail lights.


Here are the kit parts and the Shawplan etches:









I've now made a start on filing out the flashing on the resin body and opening up the side windows, exhaust port and roof grill.







Cab end noses glued into position.




I've also managed to file down the cab front window frames and attach the etches into position with a bit of squadron filler to finish and smooth in. Here are a couple of photos showing the the window ready for the etches and a comparison between the original window mouldings and the etches. I think there is a clear improvement already.









That's all for now.


Further updates to follow.


Best regards,




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Nice work Jeremy, so long as the base model's proportions are ok, I'm a great believer in adding detail for an interesting project.

I'm doing a Farish 31 at the moment, and have similar plans for an old 56 bodyshell I have. So long as the proportions and overall dimensions are ok, it's amazing what a bit of etch, plastic and wire can add!



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