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Can anyone help me out please?


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I  a very good track plan of Guildford shed and the track work, i would like to be able to use this for my new layout, using Templot laid over the top, so i can build the track work on the board from a print off.

One thing i can not work out is how do i load the track plan to Templot ?.

I can see this being the only way i can get a very accurate track plan to build this layout, i have been trying to work Templot out for a few month now and it is driving me mad, i have got to the point where i a willing to pay someone to do the track plan for me!, HELP please.


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One thing i can not work out is how do i load the track plan to Templot ?


Hi Darren,


Start here:




which leads to:




Click the background shapes button.





1. A background image is called a picture shape. It is comprised of two components:


 a container rectangle, having specified overall dimensions and a specified position on the trackpad, and


 a raster (bitmap) image which is stretched to fit inside it. This is loaded from an image file, from a scanner or camera or wherever. Or you may have saved an image file from other track planning programs such as AnyRail.


It's important to understand these two separate components, because the container rectangle may sometimes appear empty, and it is possible to change the image which it contains without changing its size or position.


2. To add a new shape, first click the new shape tab.


3. Enter a name for the shape, which will appear in the list of shapes.


4. Click the option for the type of shape, in this case a picture shape.


5. Choose whether you want to enter the dimensions for this shape, or have it placed at locations which you previously clicked on the trackpad. Usually for a picture shape you want to enter dimensions.


6. Click the add shape button.


This then appears:




7. If you know the scale of the image and the DPI resolution at which it was scanned you can click one of the blue bars, and Templot will adjust it to the correct size for you. If you want this, make sure that you have previously set your model scale and gauge so that Templot can do the calculations.


If you don't know these details, click the green bar. You will then see:




8. For the first two dimensions, set zero unless you have some reason not to.


9. Set the picture width to whatever size you want your layout to be over the track plan.


10. Click the Enter button twice.


11. You will then see the usual Windows file dialog where you can find and select your image file.


The image will then appear on the trackpad and you can start using it as a guide to your track planning.





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