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Hello everyone,

I'm in the process of designing a mid-60s era N gauge layout based on elements taken from various Yorkshire stations, goods yards and general p/way.

I've been out of the modelling loop since the 1990s so I'm probably going to have a lot of questions on various topics.

So here's one for starters. Does anyone have a track plan or overhead photo of Halifax station from before all of the goods facilities were taken away?

I have an overhead photo which shows me exactly how the Bradford end was layed out, but unfortunately it doesn't show far enough towards the Sowerby Bridge end for me to tell if/how/where the goods lines joined the main line.

Many thanks,



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Guest bri.s

Hello and welcome to the forum ,sorry I cant help but sounds a great plan .

I look forward to seeing your progress




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Thanks for the welcome guys.

I think I've come up with a layout plan that incorporates everything I wanted (inspiration from bits of Halifax, Bradford, Ilkley and Whitby stations) and that hopefully works operationally.

It has taken numerous attempts over several months as I kept finding things wrong with it.

I'll post it to the relevant section a bit later on so that someone can tell me that its ridiculous and won't work :no:

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Welcome to RM web.

The 25 inches to one mile Ordnance survey maps usually show the track layout clearly enough. Old or "historic" versions of these are available and if your period is 1960 then the track layout had probably not changed much since the 20s or 30s. In Scotland we have a wonderful resource in the National library which has thousands of these available to study online. I don't know if a similar resource is available in England but a firm called Alan Godfrey Maps sells reproductions of old OS maps quite cheaply. They have a website and I see that the Halifax area is covered.


best wishes,



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I've received the OS map of South Halifax from 1905 showing the station limits in full. It's real eye opener, as I hadn't realised that was another area of goods facilities to the far west. The big surprise is that platform 6 was a terminus, as I had assumed that being on the GNR side it served the Queensbury lines, but as it turns out they can only be accessed from platforms 4 and 5. I'm not sure that I can use the structure of the goods yard in my layout as I had hoped, but its very interesting all the same, so many thanks to Ian for his suggestion. If I have some spare time I might map out the prototype in AnyRail...

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