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Tracks to the Trenches - Apedale


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Dear All,


September is fast approaching (some would say too fast!) and the plans for the "Tracks to the Trenches" First World War centenary event (12-14th September) are pretty well finalised now. This is shaping up to be a busy event, which we hope will be a fitting tribute to and start of the First World War Centenary period.


The Tracks to the Trenches - 2014 event website (www.ww1-event.org) is gradually being updated with the latest news and confirmed exhibits (rail, living history, road, etc). Over the next few weeks, we will start to publish the exhibit lists - it has become quite extensive!!


For anyone interested, advance ticket sales are now live - in addition to beating the queues, it offers a free event guide with each order. The ever popular "Access All Areas" passes are also available for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday too.


The details of the embedded model railway exhibiton will be posted to the RMweb exhibiton thread. Please watch this space for more exciting news!

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As we are getting closer to the Centenary event, developments are really starting to speed up!


In the last couple of weeks, BBC has screened a 5 part series called "Railways of the Great War" - http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04dbrkp/railways-of-the-great-war-with-michael-portillo-1-a-railway-war-begins

Some of our collection features in the 3rd episode, giving you a flavour of what is to come next month....


The organising team is pleased to be able to provide a FREE Educational pack - for download off the website.


The attending attractions/exhibits section is being regularly updated - it seems to be the largest gathering of WW1 light railway equipment for a VERY long time!


The advance ticket purchase facility is remaining live until 1st September - advance purchases benefit from a FREE copy of the event guide. Please see www.ww1-event.org


See you there?


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A few photos from me - conversion to black&white seemed appropriate. It was a really good event, which I hope they repeat somehow, they certainly seemed busy, yet there were still ways of filtering out the visitors when photographing the re-enactors.



















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We are very pleased to be able to confirm a comprehensive model railway show within "Tracks to the Trenches 2016", including trade support.


Entertaining modellers, model engineers and families alike, we are pleased to be bringing enthusiasts and craftsmen from all over the UK with First World War and/or related military railway models. Our younger visitors will also be delighted to know that there is also a Hogsmead on Sodor - a large Thomas the Tank engine inspired layout too! A full list of the attending layouts & displays is given on the event website.

The Tracks to the Trenches events give you a very rare opportunity to see both the models and the full size real thing in action at the same time!

We are always interested to hear from modellers and model engineers of First World War/Military prototypes, plus supporting traders. Please contact us via the event webpage or through this forum.


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Just a quick note as we get ever closer to the Tracks to the Trenches 2016 event!


The embedded Narrow Gauge (Military Themed) model railway exhibition is confirmed, as is the trade support. Please see the event website for full listings: www.ww1-event.org


We are working flat out at the moment on several projects and site enhancements - what will be finished? There is only one way to find out...... See you there!


Advance ticket special offers finish this weekend (1st May) - www.ww1-event.org/tickets

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Well, it's less than 2 weeks to go so I thought it was worth mentioning an update about the Third event in the First World War Centenary Trilogy at Apedale - which is a Narrow Gauge & Living History megafest.
On the modelling front, there are a vast array of Narrow Gauge military (mostly WW1 or related) model railways in 009, 1/35, O14, O16.5 & 16mm scale. A good range of traders and much more - including a display of highly detailed 16mm locos/stock from the famous the late Henry Holdsworth collection.
We are reliably informed that a pre-production sample of the forth coming LROD Hunslet 4-6-0T from Accucraft should be making an appearance too (potentially even operating at some stage).
As if that wasn't enough - you may also get to see the 12":1ft real thing!
For the first time (and probably not repeated again for a long time) you'll be able to see Hunslet 4-6-0T, Baldwin 4-6-0T, Hudson 0-6-0WT, Kerr Stuart Joffre 0-6-0T, Brigadelok 0-8-0T all in action to a back drop of a sea of First World War living history groups/displays, Cavalry, Vehicles, Field Gun, Motor Rail 20hp (Wizz-Bang) Bent-frame locos, 40hp Tin Turtles and more original/authentic WW1 rolling stock than anywhere else. 


Many more details available on the event website - www.ww1-event.org


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In a break from running our layout I caught the Baldwin passing the Hunslet



Also earlier in the day the Hunslet on what appeared to be a test run before the event opened


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I visited today and, not having made it to either of the previous events, thought it was a truly superb experience.


Many great moments and stars, here are a few.


Hunslet 303 has been superbly restored and was the star of the show for many.




I have never seen so many 20hp WW1 era Simplexes, here are five and there was one in a shell-hole of course. I missed seeing them hauling a field gun train off the field railway whilst having a much-needed pint!






Great to see the Baguley 760 running smoothly and actually hauling wagons.




The Brush-built battery loco 16303 was another unique survivor.




The Kerr Stuart 'Joffre' from the home team 




Visiting 'Brigadelok' 1091, this loco was hauling the field gun train back, possibly too energetically, when this happened....




The London Transport Museum 'Old Bill' Bus was a popular exhibit with a great view from the upper deck




And finally the many non-railway re-enactment soldiers and displays made for a superb event. Quiet and stoic amid the gunfire were the warhorses, here is a team of four ready to couple up their field gun.




Some great WW1 models as well.  Thanks to all who organised this event.




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I did two days - including a sighting of Andy and Phil of this parish scoffing bacon butties very early on Friday morning...


It was a fantastic event which must have needed a massive effort from those involved. I have literally 100s of photos which I will upload at some point but these videos are great..




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 a sighting of Andy and Phil of this parish scoffing bacon butties very early on Friday morning...



Pah! We'd been at it for hours and needed sustenance!


Really good videos there capturing the feel of the event which has to be said was absolutely superb. A real credit to the Moseley Railway Trust for putting it on. Everything was really accessible and engaging to the visitor and it was certainly one of the most enjoyable and well-organised events I have been to this year.


We had a great day filming with layout owners and taking in the atmosphere leaving just as Friday's downpour started (the first time I'd seen rain in 7 weeks).

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