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Class 37


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It would assist if you included more information.

Is this slow-running Bachmann Class37, comparativley slow running only since fitting a decoder? ... were the speeds roughly matched in analogue dc?

What aother locos are you comaring this Class 37 against - Make(s) Model(s)  and Age(s) ???

What type of decoder(s) have you fitted in each?

Does the decoder offer 'back emf' - and if so, is it On or Off?

Were they fitted by you? commercially ? or by the Manufacturer?

Have you removed the maufacturer-fitted cpacitors, or  not?



What DCC Controller / Programmer are you using - so that any suggested remedies are relevent

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It is a Bachmann decoder in the 37 fitted by me

It's up against a class 47 "Thor" from Bachmann decoder fitted by them

A class 55 from Bachmann also having the decoder fitted by them

It's being run with a Hornby Elite as are all the others

All the above are around the same age which would be around 2012

Manufacturers capacitors don't know anything about them

Again not sure about the back emf or where to look for it

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If you are trying to run your locos at a realistic scale speed your Class 37 may not need anymore speed at all. 


There are a couple of scale speed calculators on the internet which might help you decide.

Have a look at the link below.






Post edit to add web link

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This has been discussed previously on RMWeb (though I cannot find the thread) and the consensus at the time was that it was the nature of the beast. I have a Bachmann class 37/0 bought in 2009 with a manufacturer's fitted sound decoder and it runs more slowly than any of my other locos - I calculate the maximum scale speed to be about 60mph.  I had it checked by my nearest model shop and everything was found to be OK.  I also have a Bachmann Class 55 (Pinza) with factory fitted sound decoder that cannot better about 75mph. Whilst this is disappointing, they are both good load-haulers - in fact the 37 is the only one of my locos that can drag my CMX machine up my unprototypical incline.  My Bachmann class 47 with factory fitted sound decoder, runs faster, as does my similarly equipped class 25/3.


If you ever do find a cure for the 37, I should be interested to hear of it.




Edit: the slow running on them all is impeccable.

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