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Any exhibiton layouts for sale?

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Ive been to a show which I helped out at with a EM gauge layout and OO gauge layout and I was told to ask on here if anyone had a layout in N gauge (finescale, done mind) or OO gauge, P4 or EM gauge (finescale ect)

Ive been wanting a layout to exhibit for 2 ish years, I do not mind about the condition, weather its finished ect too!


im aware each layout is different due to wiring ect and this may been done to the owner needs, im prepared to rewire if needs be ect!


hope someone can help

many thanks



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Evening Mike,


                    Depends on how much you're willing to spend and how much room you have available.


I know of a 32 ft x 12 ft OO finescale exhibition standard layout that could be bought at the right price. It is in exhibitable condition now and all breaks down into 5' x 3' boards, so actually takes up not that much room to store.


If you're serious ( don't want any tyre kickers ),  PM me.





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I have a straight end to end EM layout consisting of three baseboards each 4ft 6ins long by 20inches wide. They are in individual boxes which are 16 inches deep. PM me if you are interested or just wanting to know more. John. 

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bought at the right price

Sadly this is often the difficult thing to determine.


I've also been looking on/off dor a few years (placing bids on a certain auction site or offers at shows) but either I have been aiming lower than the seller will accept or have been unable to collect from a distance. I'm also probably too fussy. I guess what would be good is a guide to pricing - but then how long is a piece of string?


Good luck in your quest.

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