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Blog- Highclere - 2mm Finescale - Rolling like a rolly thing

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Hello again :)


2 posts in as many weeks, this is unprecedented! I seem to be on a bit of a roll with the layout right now, I dont know why and it is a bit weird but I am not going to stop myself if its working. Weekends are good, they mean I have an opportunity to spend a little more time on things I enjoy doing and although the weather has been a pain I have still managed to get a few bits done...


While the station board is out it seemed to make sense and carry on working on it, the area around the station building needed the most attention. The about photo shows the beginnings of some ground cover where I glue down a covering of woodland scenics blended turf, I have found this as a good base to subsequent coverings.

This shows one of the gated entrances to the platform. The gates are etched from the scale link GWR spearpoint fencing etch. The static grass has just been applied.

The stationmasters garden and vegetable plot is also comming together now, he now even has his own garden shed.

An overall view of the station area how it looks now.

Finally,the passengers now have two warnings to be on the lookout for trains.

Julia :)

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