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Bachmann Europe announced their 2014 product range from their headquarters in Barwell, Leicestershire yesterday. Members of the press, traders and model shop owners were invited to partake in what was to be a well organised event with plenty of atmosphere. Not only was it a chance for Bachmann to unveil their model plans, but it was a great opportunity for all those who visited to catch up and talk about all aspects of the hobby.


Luckily, with the unstable weather that we've been witnessing this Summer, the rain held off and allowed an exterior visit of the premises, where a few interesting items could be found.



This old Bristol VA was bright enough, parked by the gateway and marking the entrance to the site.




Since Exclusive First Editions fell under the same brand ownership last year, this bus had a reason to be here. But it wasn't the only item to be found on the site.



These DAF and Atkinson tractor units were also attracting the gaze of observers.



One of the best 'toys' in the yard was this chevy LS7 powered Sagaris. It was certainly popular with visitors.



This Baldwin locomotive, suitably weathered at the front by Steve Smith of Bachmann, stood under an awning with a bogie flat wagon, both of which should be attending this year's Midland Railex event at Butterley along with the newly restored Ashover coach. A cab ride beckons!



The paint finish and general state of the locomotive looked superb. Somebody had spent quite some time cleaning the copper pipes!



It wasn't too long before the crowds started gathering and the ever helpful Bachmann personnel were about to 'meet and greet' all those arriving on site.



Having done the rounds outside, it was time to head to the outdoor tents and see what had been prepared for us. Believe it or not, this was one of the quiet moments before it really got going.



Dennis Lovett (far right) in deep discussion adjacent to the display cabinets.




A selection of continental products from the Lilliput range was for sale in the centre of the tent, although most people were distracted by other items on display.



The current state of developments in the 'Farish' range was fairly evident, although I was surprised to see a few items such as the N2 class and Class 31 still in grey.



A few nice samples of recent work in the Branch-Line range were also visible.



This fantastic new model of the LMS inspection coach was on full display, a review sample of which we have received at BRM - look out for the review soon.



This great new addition to the Bachmann range in the shape of the Midland 1F can only be complemented. The level of detail really is incredible and it has to be - an open cab layout leaves everything exposed! Look out for the full review of this model in the September issue of BRM on sale August 14.



The most eye-catching of displays was this container crane - the latest addition to the Bachmann Scenecraft range. Of standard resin construction like other items in the range, it will be supplied in kit form, ready-to-assemble.






Well done to all the Bachmann personnel involved with this successful event, their well organised hospitality was appreciated by all who attended.



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