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Blog- Stringfingerling's Blog - Low relief cottages - the truth revealed! Strange angles and dodgy woodwork.

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This picture shows the view of the cottages that most layout viewers will see: other angles will be blocked off by strategically placed buildings and trees etc.





This is the view that shows the true shape of the buildings; they are butted up to the backscene normally.




This view shows the strange shape of the roof tiles, which were cut in strips after being printed on to card. They were originally drawn up in Adobe Illustrator, but the version i have (CS2) doesn't make it easy to control distortion finely, so I moved the file into Photoshop, where it was simple.




The closest cottage has a full coat of DAS modelling clay which used for the block of stone. The decorative bricks were printed on to card, stuck on, reinforced with Shellac in the form of Knotting (something I find really useful, it was good on the roof tiles as well for stiffening and protecting from the paint layer).

As the cottages recede, there is less sculpting, so the rearmost one is almost entirely painted on flat surface.





These are "transition cottages"; they are almost flat, with some stuck on detail to ease the eye from 3 to 2D.

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