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Blog- Petes Model workshop (or ramblings from the balcony) - GWR MOGUL (15)

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An advanced warning loads and loads of photos.


This is basically two posts in one.


We start the show with the green having been masked off, about 2 hours work. The black was then sprayed and the masking removed. All in all I am quite pleased with the finish. There is still the detail work and the buffer beams to be painted.

Also shown is a strip of Magic tape painted ready for cutting into the boiler bands.









I notice I did not clean the back head after paint scraping. This has now been done.



Now the buffer beams have been painted, and most of the fiddly bits also. I have started the reassembly the tender is complete but there is still quite a bit to do on the loco. So here is where we are now. Another session and we should be there. Then it is down to getting it to the UK.












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