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GWR covered footbridge

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Hi chaps,


I have been following Mark's topic over on the kitbuilding & scratchbuilding section showing a nickel silver GWR covered footbridge that he has had etched, he is just building a test build at the moment to iron out any errors.


This is being built to 4mm, but Mark said he might consider scaling it up to 7mm if there is enough interest. I for one would like one so I thought if I posted it on here to see if it would generate any interest, the attention to detail is amazing and although it is not a quick build but would be ideal for those long winter evenings.


Please follow the link and see what you think,  http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/87339-great-western-covered-footbridge-kit/



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All I can say is fantastic, now I just need to learn to solder something more than wire :O



 It's not such a black art that people make it out to be, if you can get hold of some scrap etch and have a play with that joining and tinning the parts you will soon pick it up. Make sure the surfaces are clean and use plenty of flux, simples.

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Like what he said ^^^^

Just remember when it comes to soldering two things to keep in mind


1) cleanliness really is next to godliness (& flux is crucial) both before soldering AND after.


2) plenty of heat so don't be frightened to use a biggish iron, for 0 gauge I use nothing less than a 40w, often a 50w and sometimes even a 100w iron for biggish bits



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