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NRM Pullmans


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Spinning off from my blog post, what is the identity of the Mk1 Pullman Car in the NRM South Yard (late July 2014)?

It seems to be coupled to a maroon Mk1. Is there any chance that the Mk1 Parlour Emerald has come back to the museum? I know Eagle is on loan to Tyseley, and presumed Emerald was on loan to WCRC, although there seem to be suggestions on line it was sold. If Emerald was sold there appears to have been little public notification or de-designation of this artefact.


Anyway: Which Pullman is it? and what has happened to Emerald?


Pic below (Pullman to the left of the picture - click to enlarge)




Full blog post with more NRM and other pics from 2000ft!


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I'm fairly sure your assumption is correct.


I was there last week and walked out the back plus we had the trip on the ride on railway.


I didn't take any numbers or photos.... But from memory I think it was "Emerald" coupled to WCRC Mk 1





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