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Blog- The outcast modelling Blog - Tudor House part 5: doors and windows

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The saga continues very slowly and this entry covers the completion of the windows, doors and the creation of the rear wall.


I realised that I couldn't really put off making the rear wall of the house any longer so sat down with an envelope and designed it, once that was done I cut out the windows and doors required for the project.


The top and bottom storys are flush and constructed in much the same way as described for the front wall in part one.



The doors are made from 2-4 laminations of 10 thou plasticard, in this case gate is made from 4. The latch and bolt details should be pretty fun to make when I get around to it.


strictly speaking the bracing should probably be the other way round with the diagonal going up from the hinge side but I shall blame an inexperienced DIYer.


The biggest bit of progress however is that the shed exterior is now finished.

The door is made from a planked centre with a raised edge.



The door and window fitted



Using scraps of plasticard I made the door handles, door and padlock details, when it was unpainted I was unsure if it would work.



Painted up I am really pleased with how it looks



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