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Modelling Low Relief Trees

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I have an area of backscene where two different scenes meet and I want to disguise the transistion between the two.I usually bodge it using seafoam branches but fancy having a go at something with more finesse.Any suggestions please.



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I would have said sea-moss was fairly fine! As it's a natural product, some sprigs look as if they've been manufactured for half relief modelling, just have a rummage through the box - or perhaps make sprigs of your own up, using wire as a skeleton and sea-moss sprigs on the wire stubs? 


On the LHS, 'full' relief trees, on the RHS, half relief trees - no 'surgery' on my part! 


My personal feeling is you should aim for two or three trees - just one doesn't look right. I think a small clump would break up the transition more. Also, some bushes half-way down the cliff? It looks like Devon sandstone and I (and CK?  ;) ) know just how soft that is! If you have some bushes (smaller pieces of sea-moss, or use horsehair or Woodland polyfibre as foliage carriers) half-way down the cliff, I think that would help disguise the transition. 


For half-relief trees, David Taylor of Marshwood Vale - Charmouth used chicken wire as a support for low relief trees - two pics from Exeter exhibition, earlier this year. I think they look alright to me. 



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