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outside frame 0-6-0 chassis able to be converted to 10.5mm gauge


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I am wondering if anyone has ideas where I might get an 0-6-0 chassis for 10.5mm gauge with axles spaced at 13.5mm + 13.5mm ? 


I don't mind chopping down an eight coupled chassis from HOn3 but not sure one exists with that axle spacing, though I have asked on their Yahoo forum.  Another idea would be getting some kind of kit from 009 which is designed to have outside frames with counterweights etc,  that might have its gauge widened. 


But does such a thing exist?





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Not that difficult to scratch build using High Level bearings (intended for compensation or springing but you don't have to use either) in slots in the outside frames. There are several possible suppliers of outside cranks, or you could make your own (but that needs skill and care to get the axle/crank-pin centres exactly the same distance apart on each of the six cranks).


The biggest problem is finding a source for the correct driving wheels - but at least they don't need integral crank-pins so 4mm scale pony truck and tender wheels (from Alan Gibson Workshop, for example) offer numerous possibilities and the outside frames will disguise any discrepancy in the number of spokes.


Oddly, the literature on chassis building concentrates almost entirely on inside frames but outside frames are, on balance, no more difficult.

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