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Abendstern Nebenbahn


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this is my first post on this forum and i would like to introduce all to my Ho scale German model railway - Abendstern Nebenbahn.

One can follow it's progress also on my blog - http://vikaschander.com/category/abendstern-nebenbahn/

Also on the blog other articles dealing with real railways and other model railway tidbits...


The layout is housed in a purpose built 1000sq ft room and is basically a point to point around the walls design....




At one end is the terminus station featuring 4 platfrom faces, 2 siding and a shunt lead alongwith a few warehouses and a goods shed...



and an Altstadt .....



as well as a loco shed with a 6 stall roundhouse and a detailed interior .....



a rural riverside scene section which still needs to be scenicked ....



and a fiddle yard at the other end....



more later .....







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Hello Vikas


Superb craftsmanship and total attention to a layout build. From the initial conception to completion you must be a very proud man to have achieved such a masterpiece.


By embracing the 'high tech' approach has given the whole layout credibility in particular the use of DMX ( which I am familiar with as I used it whilst DJ'ing! ) and I always though about how else it may be used, now you've confirmed it.


Your website is a great inspiration and I hope other RMWeb users take the time to have a look.


Truly an inspiration :)


Kind regards



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thanks all for the warm welcome ... appreciate that.


Once i had a picture in my mind of what i wanted Abendstern to look and feel like , it was time to go ahead with it's construction. The first order of business was to take care of the benchwork  which i designed on 3rdplanit in conjunction with the trackwork. Since the layout was an around the walls affair , i conjured up what i like to call - a pillars and stringers design - for lack of anything else to call it ...





To complete my plan  i needed about 30 of these pillars. God bless Henry Ford! - i came up with an assembly line production based on the jig below, printed out from the CAD design in 3rd Planit...




dust is a major problem for all model railroaders , and India is probably a zillion times more dusty than most other model railroading countries. With that in mind i ensured i was protected from dust from above ...



and from the sides and bottom -




wiring can become a mess so i planned for enough raceways and panel attachment points as well




Not one to give up creature comforts easily, i installed throttle & cup holders, ipad mounts etc etc on the fascia ....anything to give a smoother operating experience.




for a more extensive read ( and more pics ) on Abendstern's benchwork - pls also have a look at - http://vikaschander.com/benchwork-fascia-and-valance/





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A German themed layout in India! :O Now I must have seen everything! :swoon:




(fantastic job there, very professional :thankyou:)




I had the great pleasure of meeting this Indian Modeller of German trains on a railfan trip to the remotest part of China in March this year - a rare ray of sunshine during an otherwise pretty bleak week! I look forward to seeing more of his work!

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 - a rare ray of sunshine during an otherwise pretty bleak week! I look forward to seeing more of his work!

Likewise !!! .... always good to meet a fellow model railroader in the middle of the Gobi Desert......


Thank god YOU were there and prevented me from knocking the group " bus driver :nono: " on the head .....





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Time is the killer ....


working on a viaduct scene ,




brick by brick and it takes time ....... so much time :scratchhead: !!!!




and then to weather and decay it ....




or add business establishments...




like an indian restuarant




or a repair shop




or a grocery store





time time time ......tick tock tick tock !!



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hi Paul


No , i took a heat gun and aimed it at the side. After it became a little pliable i took assorted poky objects ranging from a toothpick to the back of a pencil and poked and prodded till it seemed alright.


i will try and post a pic tomorrow , though i daresay it probably looks better in the pic than in real life -  (same problem with me also )...






PS - did u see my message to you in the personal messenger ?

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Continuing onwards on the layout build thread for my model railway Abendstern Nebenbahn, I just uploaded on my blog a post on how I setup it’s DCC system.


One could read more about it here…. http://vikaschander.com/abendstern-dcc-setup/


I planned the entire system based around five power districts ….




Each power district has it’s own dedicated panel which holds an 8 amps booster & circuit breakers as well as all the necessary block detectors and stationary decoders .




A PC running Freiwald Software’s TrainController Gold controls the layout




A tortoise point motor is rigged up to animate a Weinert point lantern...




The layout uses NMW signals and LDT signal decoders are used to operate it …




lots of other tidbits of DCC related information on the blog so wander on over and have a look see.





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Hi Forum


It's been a while since i last updated my blog and that was because the subject I was dealing with was not the easiest to portray in a logical manner - Computer Control of a model railway.

a video seemed the logical way to go .... Abendstern Computer Control

Abendstern nebenbahn has been setup for operations under the control of a computer software - Train Controller Gold from Freiwald Software …. and one can read about it more vikaschander.com


In the blog update I talk about the importance of ensuring stall free operations as key - one way of achieving that is by using capacitors in the locos...



 Speed profiling is extremely important...


setting up the blocks in a logical manner is key...


Programming signal logic can be a pain in the....


and elaborate switchboards can be made to control lighting as well .



so make sure your next magnum opus is computer controlled !



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