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Blog- N-Gauge LMS Layout - Foster Street - Board 3 (Green Fingers, Hands and Arms)

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Well I have managed to spend a few hours working on Board 3 in an attempt to get it to some sort of reasonable level, the first job was to work on the deck of the bridge. To be honest this did not take much effort and it was soon under a coat of dark grey (once this is dry yet another area to weather).


I must admit the factory has grown on me, somebody suggested that it looked to neat, and that the buildings should have been more ramshackeled, but my excuse is that the original buildings blew up as a result of a freak accident with one of the products it produced. As a result it was rebuilt by its owners into a hopefully more sturdy building (dangerous things Black puddings :)) I have applied a little weathering to the building though I think it may need more?



As always there is still lots to do, there are a few white join lines that need painting on the bridge support and of course the canal boats need to be finished off. The canal looks a little deep but the will be resolved when I add the water surface which will raise the area enough.


Getting carried away with myself I thought I may even see if I could improve the green bits, and I must admit I was impressed with the coverage, unfortunately the best results tended to be seen on my fingers, hands and arms. To my mind the green bits do look like bushes and scrub, but I need to sweet talk the Domestic Authority to have a look at the area, as they are far better than me at this stuff :)



Jobs still to do on the board includes, ballasting the track, laying the branch line as it disappears into the backscene on this board and then figuring out how the tracks will go off stage, a hols in the backscene or the stereotypical road bridge....now where did I put that backscene?


Until next time as always Happy Modelling :)

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