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LUkA train page slovenja-croatia others state.. models good.gif
hello everyone today i present from yugoslavja the model wonderful reproduction of locosteam number jz 06 created by mr. velimir crhav
Series 06 was also called "Universal Series" in 1930 was built by the German firm Borsig in 1930.this type of locomotives hauled trains have on mountains from Yugoslavia to Greece and Bulgaria. the firm Borsig in 1930. I give '30 locomotives as JDZ 486 in' 1933, the series has received the number jz 06 This series is in Croatia and Slovenia and 'also known by the nickname of "The Mikado." were withdrawn from regular service in the late 70s.
the locomotive museum Lubjana -slovenja-number series 06-013 locomotive went "temporarily" in a railway museum in Germany.
the locomotive 06-016 years is now in service with olditmer museum train-



echnical data:
Borsig, Berlin
Year built 1930
type 1D1
power 1250 kW
the speed max 80 km / h
length 21.9 m
height 4.6 m
weight 18 t


bye lokomotiva

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Hi lokomotiva,


The blue locomotive is a fine model of the class 11 4-8-0 that was painted blue and rostered to haul Marshal Tito's special train.  Locomotive 11-015 was restored in blue livery and mounted on a section of track at the main station in Zagreb (before being replaced by 0-6-0 125-052) and is now in the railway museum in Zagreb.  JDZ class 11 were the same as the Hungarian MAV class 424, and were built in Budapest.


You're right that 06-013 is now part of the museum colection at Bahnpark, Augsburg.  It was formerly stored at the Slovenian Railway Museum in Ljubljana.

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thank to all friend :no:

:sungum: today  i present...... from my collectionn one of the jz sleeping sleeping wagon handmade class 2-17 of the train called tito’’ blue train’’GOŠA Smederevska Palanka / TVT Boris Kidrič, Maribor /pro JŽ 1959 - 1975, Titov Plavi Voz-
the history of ''plavi voz''
Plavi Voz (Serbian-Croatian for the blue train) is the popular name of the campaign was the former Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito His last official government travel, the train made in May 1980 as the coffin was transferred from Tito Ljubljana, via Zagreb to Belgrade Since the end of 2009, operates on the route Belgrade - Bar every day a composition with a sedan of Voz Plavi. For some groups Plavi voz included several railcars, locomotives (steam locomotives, three of which expressed the Yugoslav Series 11 - Series MAV 424, three diesel locomotives, Krauss-Maffei ML 2200 C'C 'and more recently an American series diesel locomotive 666 of General Motors - JT 22CW-2) and his motor vehicle.In addition, a composition wagon JZ MOT 410 -
the models ho of blue train-
Given that we have everything we need for the composition of the Blue train I think it is easy to assemble.
Locomotives that are the counterparts were pulled from dizelke Series 11 and Series 761 and 666, the last two have such models in H0.
my friend Milos years ago made the composition of the Blue train wagons in H0 with a set of six of these cars, including:
First SW 2-11 - power wagon
Second SW 2-15 - VIP lounge
Third SW 2-16 - Chairman Salon
4th SW 2-17 - sleeping wagon
5th SW 2-20 - car restoration
6th SW 1-17 - car for transport vehicles
Coaches are free to sell interior and painted with a light blue color, although When ordering, be emphasized
to be transparent with windows if a custom




bye lokomotiva

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