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Revell Airbrush or Alternative?

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I am planning on moving my painting (and in particular weathering) skills to the next level and purchasing an airbrush and accessories.


I have just seen the review of the Revell Airbrush Starter kit in BRM Sept issue pg 86.


My intention is to mainly use an airbrush for weathering rolling stock although I would also use it on scratchbuilt buildings and possibly on re-spraying loco projects though this latter only after some practice.


This starter kits seems ideal but I have seen several articles and references in books on painting which suggest that a very good quality airbrush and compressor are essential.  What are the views of those who regularly use airbrushes?


Given that I wont be using it all the time I don't really want to pay a lot if I don't need to and, as I say, mostly I will be weathering which may not require the best quality airbrush but others views would be welcome.


Another query - does anyone know if the compressor with the Revell Starter kit would be compatible with other airbrushes?  I may buy this kit to begin with then purchase a more expensive airbrush later.  

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An expensive airbrush is not a must at all, for anyone but a professional airbrush artist the cheaper copies available on eBay will be absolutely fine. People will forever tell you that expensive airbrushes perform better, believe me they don't.


Compressors are a different matter entirely, a decent compressor is always a good investment. Ideally you want something with a tank, variable pressure, and automatic cut-off.


I use this kit - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Expo-Airbrush-and-Compressor-Kit/dp/B004CZ4U6O


Although I've changed the airbrush to a pistol trigger version for personal preference, this kit will perform much better than most people using it will. Obviously there are similar kits on eBay for cheaper money but this style of kit is the type I would recommend.


Searching through airbrush posts will reveal my thoughts and experiences, I've made plenty of comments on here.



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