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009 Beccles & Bungay Railway Stock


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Its been some time since I've posted anything about my 009 layout and stock.


Having a bit more time lately I have made a bit of progress with some stock, I have been experimenting with colours.

I wanted the colours to be a bit different but hopefully realistic. I have used Humbrol enamels but not specific railway colours. 

Decals are Microscale.


Passenger stock.



Humbrol Gloss 15 - Midnight Blue

Humbrol Gloss 41 - Ivory



Humbrol Matt 66 - Dark Grey



Matt Black



Freight Stock.


Bodies - Humbrol Satin 133 - Brown

Underframes - Matt Black


I have repainted a Peco Brake coach



Next is a Airfix OO Brake van my dad built about 30 years ago, I've adopted and painted it. It will be used with two of the Chivers Tramway coaches which I shall buy in due course.



I built my free Colin Ashby open wagon I received for joining the 009 Society, its been painted but still needs lettering etc


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I Have tried satin varnish but thought the items still looked a little shiny so I have opted for matt.

I am quite pleased with the finish.








I have decaled the open wagon, not 100% sure about the lettering. Its not been matt varnished yet.




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The land around the Ink Factory that the B&BR served was said to be polluted and even the River Waveney was reported to be discoloured because of the pollution. I have built a Meridian Models Water wagon to provide clean water to the factory and the managers house. I will do a couple more in the future




I have decaled the other side of the open wagon and tried a different option as I wasn't sure about the smaller lettering.
I think I will vary the font size on different wagons. That will also help use up the different size letters on the decal sheet.






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I had pre-ordered 2 Peco open wagons and 2 vans in unlettered grey.

Since ordering them I had decided to paint my stock brown so they have been through the paint shops.

Here they are ex-works with metal wheels and some lead weight fitted.





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Very little progress over Christmas but today I set up my xmas pressie the Humbrol workstation.

Its very smart and on it is a Peco ex L&B coach and two Chivers Tramway coaches being painted up for the B&BR.






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