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Blog- Up the Line - 1918 - The Big Push!

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Finally back from that annual ritual of the Summer Holiday and have just about survived the over optimistic schedule, leaky cars with wobbly wheels and dodgy stomachs and now have to go hell for leather for a couple of weeks to get everything as ready as it can be for the first outing. There was a bit of progress in the week before we went but was just too busy to write it up and manage to take a bit of stuff with me so shall up date on these soon. Right now it is write a big to do list and do some serious prioritising.


Before any of this however, I really must tell you about the lovely little line that we visited yesterday, le Petit Train Baie de Somme. I had heard some good things about this line and they are all true! Unfortunately we didn't manage a ride (didn't fancy the though of being without access to a toilet for an hour at the time - dodgy steak tatre!), but did chase the train through some very varied coastal scenery, over bridges, along roads and even pavements. When the show is over I shall do a bit more research and post some more pictures.


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