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Blog- Stainsby Mills - Track plan revision

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Its not a huge revision but a couple of things have been altered to step closer to the finished product.


You will see that the ladder on the far right has been replaced with a three way point. It looks far more like an urban terminus now.


The other change cant be seen on the plan (as i dont know how to draw stuff in Templot) but its one of building placement. The MPD as drawn has a two road shed but the road at the top has no access to the services area without first being granted a road from the station box to run out pass the trap point and onto the diamond, to then return on the second engine shed road. This is entirely impractical as it leaves that road for what, engines in on major overhaul? This is supposed to be a running shed only. After a bit of head scratching, Scotty Dog came up with a solution. A single road engine shed on the lower of the former shed roads, with a shorter shed added on the very bottom road, where i originally planned to have the diesel refueling point. Theoretically this extra shed was added as the traffic to and from the town grew. It cant be as long as the first as there has to be enough empty track on that road to act as a head shunt for the shed pilot to push loco coal wagons up the incline to the coal stage near the turntable.

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