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'Morayshire' for GCR Autumn steam gala


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I have just seen this on the GCR website!I have long wanted to see this loco., living in Perth WA it is a tad tricky! My previous UK visits have seen it out of service, or in Scotland.

 I shall be making the pilgrimage to Quorn that weekend!!

 76084 will also be there, another cop!!!

Cheers from Oz,

 A very happy Peter C.

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She's currently in BR black at the moment, a livery never carried in preservation as her owners normally insist she remains in LNER green, however the opportunity to earn hire and photo charter fees for the next overhaul have seen that instruction temporarily relaxed. Apparently it caused quite a stir at Bo'ness amongst both young and old members, most of whom have only known her in green as on first sight she looked absolutely awful in BR black.

I wonder if the reaction 60 odd years ago was the same?

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Just got back to our hotel in Brum after a second dayat the GCR. I always try and fit in a visit to their galas when we are in the UK. the line-up in 2012 did not impress me, 2009 did, but seeing 62712 in black was worth the the effort! 76084 was very impressive too, two classes of loco. I have never seen active in preservation, and ! had never seen a real D49, although I've modelled a few. Both locos a credit to their owners. Thank you GCR for making it possible.

 No thanks to Loughborough town planners for turning Loughboro' into a one-way maze, and very little signage to the GCR station in Loughboro. Coming in on the A512, the GCR signs send you out to Quorn, is the town station meant to be secret???

 Thanks also to the 5551 Unknown Warrior members for getting my !XL polo shirt to me, ordered at the SVR gala, delivered today.

 2016, can we have the K4,K1, and B1s please GCR???

Thank you, much appreciated,

Peter C.

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