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Chocolate & Cream MK1 coaches - Temple Meads - 1st Sept 2014

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I spent an hour or so offline sorting a set of 12 pctures of complete rake and then spent time attaching photo's to this post. The pictures were listed in the correct order but displayed out of sequence. As I was sorting this out RMWeb looged me out and all got lost. I shall not bother again but if anyone wants these photo's I can send them by email.

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Certainly in the Taffy Tug 2 formation it was all mk1. Whether anything was added or removed at Barton Hill for the steam runs I don't know

The rule about a non mk1 vehicle at the end of a rake was removed a year or two back



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Listed from London end


W4949 TSO [coach A]

W4998 TSO [coach B]

W4946 TSO [coach C]

W1813 RMB [coach E]

W3122 FO [coach F]

W3112 FO [coach G]

W3147 FO [coach H]

W1671 RB [coach without letter]

W3100 FO [coach J]

W3098 FO [coach K]

W21272 BCK [coach without letter]


W4991 TSO (in bay platform) [coach without letter]

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